Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hi Melanie!

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My sister has been at my dads a lot lately using his internet for school, so she's been popping up on my IM buddy list. Here's the kind of short conversations we have:

Rob G: homosay what?
Melanie: shut up dork

I've got to kind of be nice to her, she did agree to run a few 5k's with me this summer. That's her sipping on a bloody mary for breakfast on Memorial weekend 2005.

Ok.. on with some cool and fun links to get you through the rest of the day...

Wow. Leg break videos always look so appealing before I click on them. See for yourself.

25 top urban legends: I've only heard of a few of these. It still cracks me up, every so often, I get the email from a friend who forwarded the cracker barrel email, so they would get a free dinner...

Jen - don't use the brita pitcher for a couple days.. Make cheap vodka into Grey Goose-quality vodka.

Hey jen - check this out! Trick Netflix.

A big list of music making software.

Google Date! - it's not what you think. Not a dating line, you can put a date in and it brings up events that happened that day.

Remember Hot or Not? Check out this new one - Pervert or Druggie