Thursday, July 14, 2005

Weenie Wednesday & more..

Steak night!
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Wednesday was a good day.

1) It was weenie wednesday at work! A couple times a summer (on wednesdays of course), the ESOP committee grill dogs and we chow down.

2) The NHL and the NHL Players Association have finally come to an agreement! woohoo!!
You figure, these guys all have huge houses to pay for.. I knew they would have to eventually give in.
I still enjoyed a healthy viewing season of hockey in 2004.. I went to Ann Arbor and saw quite a few games (UofM), Bowling Green (which I dug the most - going to BW3's afterwards).. even the Toledo IceDiggers on a few occasions. I have Comcast cable too, and they had this local station and played hockey almost every night.. which was pretty cool. So.. did I miss it? Hmm. Probably.. but will I watch it every night now that it'll be back on? Probably not. I do love hockey though.. there is something even better about going to the games.. which, I'll still never be able to afford an NHL game - I think the fans should strike next!

3) It was grill your own steak night at Steve's Tavern! The occasion was to celebrate Bryan being so good at making babies. We started out at Club 129 with some big ol' stogies, hanging out talking about kids, diapers and planning out our future cigar club meetings. As we were leaving, we got a phone call that one of our buddies crashed his motorcycle and had to have surgery on his arm.. we were all stunned for a while, thanked god he was ok... and continued on down to Steve's Tavern.
At Steve's, I had my usual Red Dog ($1.50) waiting for me.. (I always joke they need to wipe the dust off of it, because they stopped making Red Dog back in the late 80's..but they're cheap!).. and we all sat around waiting for our steaks to arrive. Our friend Koren showed up and bragged about her cool blog, which it is pretty hip - there's a butterfly on it that is supposed to do something cool.. I haven't figured it out yet. Soon, we were led back to the back and all picked out a big fat strip steak.. we walked down these creaky basement stairs and out to the patio/grill area. Photo above features (left to right) Aaron, Bryan and Dan and our wonderful steaks! After we grilled them, we loaded them with mushrooms and onions.. grabbed a baked potato and bread and proceeded to chow down.. it was the BEST! For $11 on Wednesday nights, you can't beat it. Reservations are needed.. before noon if you can! Anyhow, that's that. Need to get my Thursday a.m. run in!