Thursday, July 14, 2005

Just-a good ol' boys...

general lee
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So, the Dukes of Hazard made CNN today.. Apparently, Cooter must not be getting much of a kick back from the new movie. Check out his site though, it's pretty cool. I was a HUGE Dukes of Hazard fan. Every Friday night, my cousin and I would sit in front of the tv and watch the Duke boys get in and out of trouble, and they ALWAYS kicked the bad guys asses, and always looked great in the end. I hated it when they'd pause right in the middle of the action scene and that voice over dude would come on and say something like "oh no, looks like the Dukes got themselves in a real mess this time".. then it would go to a commercial. AHH!!

Also, Jen and I were up late watching tv the other night, and saw this chubby kid on mtv that had his own show.. we watched the first 10 minutes of it, and I was in tears laughing so hard. It's so stupid, it'll make you laugh. Andy Milonakis is his name. Check out the site, I think there are some videos posted.. BOO MTV for not supporting Macintosh platform video. I remember last time I ran into that about a year ago, I wrote them a letter. I guess it didn't do any good. Anyhow, lunch break is over. Time to head back to work!