Friday, July 15, 2005


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I used to say Friday's are so great, because Monday is only 2 days away! I don't joke like that anymore. I don't have too much to blog today. This weekend is the Wyandotte Art Fair. I used to ride my cycle up to it every year. I haven't been there in a couple years, it's always been a good time. I'm hoping to be able to head up to it tonight..we'll see how the day goes.
I got up at 5am, and squeezed out a 5 mile run. I made it through the first side of Pink Floyd the Wall and a few songs on the second side. I feel pretty good, last time I did 5 miles in the morning, I wanted to lay down in my office and sleep. The funny thing, Daisy, Jen's dog, stood at the fence the whole time and watched me every time I ran by the house.. probably wondering what the heck I was doing.
So this weekend is Aaron's Bday. The big 25 right?! We're getting a pony keg of Michelobe Light. I figured it out, thanks to the fine folks at Beverage Factory there is about 83 - 12 oz beers in a pony keg. We'll try and keep count and report back on that one.
This photo is from the famous alley in Ann Arbor off Liberty. Usually you see the dude break dancing to Michael Jackson.. he must have had the day off this day.
Back to the grind. Happy Friday.