Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When will Netflix release Lilyhammer Season 2?

We cut cable in the fall, and I mean completely cut it. We don't have an antenna for local stations, so we basically rely on the $7.99 a month Netflix streaming package, and our Roku box for television entertainment. We hardly watch TV anymore, most of our viewing consumption is done via streaming iPad or phone.
Netflix is cool and all, but you get what they give you. There are some cool documentaries, movies and series, but quite a bit are shows that I probably wouldn't otherwise watch - though I do now that I have nothing else to watch..
I was excited to hear Netflix was releasing an original series in February called Lilyhammer. The HBO-like series is based on a main character (Steven Van Dandt - otherwise known for being Bruce Springsteens E-Street Band guitarist) plays a mobster in the witness protection program. He decides to relocate to Lillehammer Norway, basically a snowy, fridged wasteland.
The series moves pretty quickly. It's kind of hard to take the main character seriously at first, he's kind of goofy trying to fit into a foreign land, but not long into the series, he takes on this "Tony Montana" type character, where he basically runs the show. It has it's cutesy parts, and it has some light violence, but all in all I thought it was pretty solid. I blasted through the entire season, warming up to the characters, and left wondering what's going to happen next.
I should warn you, there's a lot of subtitles. They usually bug the hell out of me, but for some reason, this season I didn't even notice them.
Now I begin googling "When will Netflix release Lilyhammer Season 2?" ... When I find an answer, I'll update this post!   Until then, if you've not heard of it, here's the trailer.  Watch the first episode, and I guarantee in a few days you'll have watched all 8 episodes.