Sunday, January 08, 2006

The kitchen floor is done.

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It was pretty easy - the molding was the toughest part. Jen and I went to Smokey Bones this weekend. I had ribs. There was a little box at the table, where you could choose which channel to listen to, for whatever tv you were watching. We came home and watched the Aviator. Of course, I fell asleep - but from what I saw, it was a good movie. Alright, time for some final weekend relaxation.. Casino's on!

Free photo booth! Jay Leno did a bit on a free photo booth. You have to watch this - people do about anything to get a free picture.

An off the wall Apple switch video. Click here.

Have you ever seen those motivational posters? This site allows you to create your own. Check it out.

Game: BMX - this is rad!

Voice synthesizer

Mentos and Diet Coke - who would have thought the two would react like this. Someone remind me of this in the summer, I'm so trying it.

Game: Stop spillin my bloody beer! Kind of like those refrigerator letters - only a bunch of other people are using the letters the same time as you.