Thursday, September 01, 2005


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YO! We're heading down to Indiana Friday evening.. hoping to get there by 7pm to get the camper parked and set up before dark. A few things to plan for:

- It's going to be 57 degrees a couple of the nights, don't forget warm clothes!

- We are going to the races Saturday night, my dad is coming up to join us. Tix: $12 It's like 10 degrees cooler with the cars whizzing by.. so bring a jacket!

- We've started a new tradition now everytime we go camping. Las Limas is a mexican restaraunt that we tried, and loved. It's run by all hispanic folks, some speak english.. others, I don't think do. The cool part is, their services is really kick ass. I just called to get their hours, and the guy kept saying ELEVEN.. i think that's the only word he knew, oh.. and YES (when I asked if they were open Sunday).. So, Las Limas it is - Sunday night. They have putt putt out front, so depending on how many margarita's we drink.. that might make for an interesting game.

- I didn't have time to make chilli.. but from rumors I hear, Dan is making a big pot of something with Hominy.

- I picked up a giant coffee maker (42 cups!) for my camper at a garage sale. $2! So, i'll be in charge of coffee. It should be ready when everyone wakes up.

- Melane and I will be venturing out on our 5 mile run. If anyone wants to join us, feel free! Running starts around 6 a.m. Melane has been in training for this, last time she had to slow down and walk a few times. I think she's all set for it.. now it just depends on how much we all drink the night before!

- I'm getting and paying for the first load of firewood - should arrive at the site before we arrive.

- Get ready to get your ASSES kicked at Bocci ball. I haven't been practicing, but I have a really good feeling that my newly acquired golfing skills will help, somehow, with my bocci game. I'm going to bring my new cooler on wheels when we play, so we'll have an endless supply of cold beverages. :)

- If we get time, we're going to head to the secret fishing hole I know about. What sucks is I need to blindfold everyone to get to it, but other then that - i guarentee you'll catch fish.

- I think that's it. OH, one more thing. We will NOT be having two campfires hooked together to make one. It's now one of the list of campground rules posted as you enter the campground 'Please no double rings of fire'.. :)

See ya down there ya'll!