Tuesday, September 13, 2005


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My computer is sort of still down. I'm typing on it now, but I'm
using a very old operating system - OS9.2 - if any mac geeks read my
blog, they totally understand why i hate using this. I miss my osX,
and I also really miss my itunes. I was really digging the podcasts,
and haven't been able to download them since I no longer have itunes!

Anyhow, my Labor
Day pictures
are posted if anyone wants to check them out. We had
a lot of fun. I was sad for the weekend to end, Labor Day is sort of
like the last hurrah of the summer - now I keep thinking about raking
leaves and shoveling snow.. far off I suppose, but the way time goes
these days, I'll be breaking my back on the snow in no time!

One last thing. I'm having a garage sale. The ad is running in the
paper as 'The coolest garage sale EVER!'.. I'm not quite sure how to
make it 'cool'.. I was thinking of having refreshments, and a little
background music. I was going to ask around to see if anyone wanted
to put their bikini on and direct traffic.. but I don't think anyone
would. If anyone can offer tips on how to make my garage sale
cooler, I'd love to hear them. I guess there's only so much I can do
that is legal.. selling hot dogs would require a food vendor lisence,
and selling beer would for sure get me in trouble - because who brings
their ID with them to a garage sale! Anyhow, the sale is on Friday
and Saturday (yes, I'm taking off work Friday) - Hours: 8am to 5pm.
Saturday will probably be a big party all day, so if anyone is bored -
stop on by and have a cold one with me.. I promise I won't charge, and
I for sure won't card you! :)

I suppose this is going to have to get posted tomorrow. My internet
browser is so old, I can't even open blogger.com. Nice eh?!

One more thing!! I swear I'm done after this. I had cheese curd the
other day - Val brought it in, I'm guessing it's from Wisconsin (her
home town). I chowed them down quick - they were awesome! No one else
would really eat them because they looked so funky. I did a quick
search on Google, and the first site I clicked on had this: (I still
didn't find out what cheese curds were, i stopped on this little quote
because it sounded so funny).. What's Booyah?!

Cheese curds, booyah and beer,
That's what I like to hear.
I may be kinda pokey,
But I say "okey-dokey!"
To cheese curds, booyah and beer.

–from "Belgians in Heaven," by Frederick Heide & James Kaplan