Friday, May 04, 2012

1 gallon of Margaritas: Yes please!

It's Cinco de Mayo again, and because it's on a Saturday this year, we decided to stay home and celebrate with some homemade margaritas.
 I did a quick google search for "large batch margaritas." The first link I found was to a recipe by Jeff Morgenthaler called "A Gallon of Margaritas by the Gallon." I'm a sucker for reviews, and this site had a ton of them. Dating back to the original blog post in 2006!
 Every one of them was positive, and Jeff was sure to reply to every question readers had. I was sold. I went out the next day and bought the ingredients.

 Here's the recipe:

6 cups tequila (two fifths - I used Quervo Silver - $19.95 each)
2½ cups triple sec (one fifth)
2½ cups fresh lime juice (fresh limes - do NOT use lime/lemon juice. EVER!)
2½ cups fresh lemon juice 
2 cups simple syrup (you can make this with sugar/water boiled. I bought it. $4)

 Get a 1 gallon milk or juice jug well rinsed. The longest part of making this is squeezing the lemons and limes. You'll definitely need a juicer. I found a hand juicer in the cupboard. It did the trick, but it does take a lot of lemons/limes. I think I probably used about 12 each, maybe more.

 Measure everything out. I used a strainer to remove any excess pulp from the juice, and a funnel to make sure everything made it into the jug.
 First taste was sweet, citrusy with a hint of tequila. Of course, it's warm, so I packed it away in the refrigerator for tomorrow. I'll give a full update once it's chilled and settled.
Serve over ice, in a salted rim glass.