Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Madalyn opens a Birthday Gift

We had another birthday gift come in a couple days after Madalyn's party. She eye'd it up the whole ride home from daycare and continued to ask about it. I did what every parent would do, and leveraged eating dinner, on opening the gift. Let's just say she ate well that night. :) On a quick side note, I made the movie, while chilling on the couch - with my iPhone. The app is iMovie for iPhone. It's very easy to use, especially if it's just a small clip like this. The only issue is they don't have blank intro boxes (as you see here). I had to take a picture of my leg (covered up the camera lens), and insert it into the movie with the wording. It works, actually, Mister Bosch taught me that one. Anyhow, here it is - Madalyn opening a gift from the Bosch family. Notice her love for the sweater outfit, then how she drops it to get back to the Barbie. Figures!