Sunday, October 16, 2005

Goodbye weekend.

Well, Bowling Green lost to Boston. The game was action packed, BG was down like 4 pts., came back and tied it up 6-6. Boston ended up scoring three more goals toward the end of the third period. We headed over to Frickers for some yummo chicken wings.

iTunes 6.0 has been released. The new feature is video. You can buy music video's for $1.99, and tv shows too. They haven't released movies yet, but when they do, I'll be buying one. The only thing I'm concerned about is the quality of them.

Want to learn how to make drinks? This is a completely bizarre video cast / blog that has been called the 'adult pee wee playhouse'.. I watched one episode and was impressed. Check it out: Tiki Bar TV.

A couple interesting news articles for you: Trick to Remembering Names of People you meet and Spam King Alan Ralsky raided at his West Bloomfield home. I hope this cuts down on the junk email I'm getting!!

I have nothing else to post. I ran 8 miles straight today so I'm jello. I had all kinds of motivation throughout the day, but eventually my body started feeling more and more sluggish.. That's what running that much will do! I find it hard to believe people run 30 mile marathons.. It'll be some time before I reach that. Anyhow, I'm feeling like a sack of potato's.. so, I'm OUT! ----> Here's a pic of Jen and I at the BGSU game.. she MADE me take it. :)