Saturday, October 15, 2005

Saturday rules.

Apparently, MSU lost. I fell asleep. I wore the jersey around all day for them.
I listened to a radio show, MSU was predicted to lose, and Michigan was predicted to win. We'll see if they are right on with Michigan.
The hockey game last night was fun. I drove up to Ann Arbor, waited in the traffic line, found my usual parking spot, and hiked it up to Yost. I picked out my usual seat and ate a nutritious dinner of a Pepsi and a bag of peanuts. Pretty soon, I was surrounded by hardcore Michigan hockey college kids. I was a bit rusty at the chants and cheers.. but I caught on quick. I couldn't help but think all these kids we're like 'dude, who's the old guy?!'..
Later on I buzzed around town. You could feel the tension, there were drunk Penn State guys walking around chanting 'Go State'.. and groups of Michigan fans chanting 'Go Blue'.. I'm sure it got ugly. A group of Penn State boys asked me where the bars were.. I told them I don't know. The bad part was, I was wearing my Michigan hockey jersey. DOH! Needless to say they all had some choice words for me.

Wow, Toledo had some action today. Neo Nazi's come into a black neighborhood and are like 'what the heck!' when violence breaks out.

Tonight, it's church at 5:15 p.m., then BGSU hockey. They are playing Boston (who Michigan played last night). Should be a good game. Redwings are on at 10 p.m. - I tried talking Jen into going out and watching it, but I think that was just too much for one evening.

Check it out, my nephew got a haircut.

Alright. All for now. The pictures from today's post are from my new LG VX8100 Verizon Cell phone.