Thursday, October 27, 2005


Just seeing this dudes face makes me think of all the late nights we'd stay up watching his half hour show made up of two or three mini scary movies. Alfred Hitchcock is a legend, I figured it would be a good week to pay honor to the king of freaking people out.

Speaking of freaking out, if you click on anything in this blog, watch this video. It's the famous Rat Person video from the Scare Tactics show.. They take this PETA activist guy, and bring him into an animal testing lab. Careful, your going to laugh your arse off.. it's hilarious.

Comedy Centrals "Motherload"
- The brief run down on this is Comedy Central will be launching a broadband based channel called Motherload. You can go to the site, and pick which show you want to watch. Originals, TV Shows, The Daily Show, Comedians.. etc. 50-80 new clips added each week. This is the future! They don't say how much this service will be, or if your required to have Verizon Broadband (the main sponsor), but you can bet they'll be some charge. But, think about it. If all stations do this (CNN, Food Network).. I wouldn't need cable anymore.

Google has a Blog! I'm sure I am probably the last guy to learn this (I'm a little slow), but wow. How sweet is that. I popped that RSS into my news feeder, and I'll be Google 'hip' from now on.

Free E-Books - E-Books are books that you have to read in probably PDF format. I guess that's cool, I remember when e-books first came out, they we're all the hype, and you had to pay for them. Now look what happened! Now you have to pay for Audio books.

Photoshop TV! - A video-cast full of Photoshop tips and tricks. If your lucky enough to have a Video iPod, download them straight to that, and watch the show while your jogging. :)

Tales of Mere Existence - this is a pretty dry but pretty hilarious video comic. I watched the one labled 'The Times I Have Smoked Pot'.. cracked me up.

Pumpkin carving tonight finally. Pumpkin seeds and Redwings vs. Chicago Blackhawks! woohoo! Oh yeah, I found a Halloween Costume too. But, you'll have to wait to see the pictures.. I can't disclose it just yet.