Monday, December 19, 2005

O Christmas tree..

I can't believe it. This will be the first year that I can remember NOT having a Christmas tree. At this point, there really isn't much sense in draggin out all of the decorations and going to the tree farm to chop one down. I'll wait until next year. So, for now, this will be my tree.. it's going to be difficult to put gifts under it..

I had the day off today, it was a pretty good day. I got some well needed shopping done and relaxed. I made a pork loin today too that turned out killer - the secret sauce was made up of Sierra Nevada beer, soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic, oregano and chili powder.

I know this week will be busy, so this post should last you all week. Take your time, there are plenty of damn good links to hit up. If I get time, I'll post.. but chances are slim.. so here goes:

I can't find birthday cards on the internet anymore. I think everyone realized there was no money in them, and pulled all the good ones. So, next best thing - Google Images search. Here's one of the top pictures: Happy Birthday!

Pilsbury doughboy drops a dook - I don't get it, but man its funny.

If you watch any of the videos here today, watch this one.. man its awesome!
Urban Ninja's! - dudes jumping off buildings and doing all these crazy flips at the mall.

Gummy bear porn - the name says it all.

Many faces of Michael Jackson - a google video that takes you through the history of Mj's faces...

Mousetrap to the nose! damn that had to hurt.

I know you all did the Robot back in the breakdancing days.. don't deny it. This guy rules at it.

The Beer Belly! - wow check this out. A canteane like contraption that you fill your with your favorite beer, bring it to a ball game, and save money! The cool part about it is it gives you a big beer belly.

Have yourself a filthy little christmas - a nice holiday punk song.