Sunday, October 29, 2006

29th Annual Detroit Free Press Marathon

Detroit Free Press Marathon
26.2 Miles

Finishing time: 3:44:11 (8:34 pace)
Half Marathon time: 1:45:32
Underwater Mile (Canada to US) - 7:28
Age Group (30-35) finish 92 (346 people)
Overall - 868 place (not sure how many, I'm guessing 10,000 or so)

Well, I survived! I didn't do as well as I had planned, but that's ok. It was 36 degrees at the starting line, and there was a hellacious wind blowing. I kept a decent pace until I got to Belle Isle. The wind coming off the lake took everything out of me to keep running. The rest of the race I just concentrated on continuing to run, but I slowed down considerably. Really cool experience though, and I did complete my original goal of finishing under 4 hrs - and didn't stop to walk once! I'll post a pic as soon as the marathon picture company posts them online. It'll be a bit better then this one, but I give Jen credit for braving the freezing temperatures to stand outside this long to get my picture (mile 14!). By the way - here's the giant list of finishers.. go figure, a Kenyan won!!
Marathon Results.