Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Tuesday post

For the past month I've been listening to Metallica on the way to work at full blast.
Here will be my choice this morning: Better then a cup of coffee!

Did anyone see last nights hockey game? Redwings Vs. Columbus? Best game of the year I'd have to say. I'm really disappointed in Federov's last shot, it was weak - he did get two assists though, so that made up for it I suppose - check out today's column on Sergei in the Free Press.

Anyhow.. here is what I did from 5:30 a.m. til 7 a.m. -

Check this out - this guy listed each of the girlfriends he's had, and describes them. Very funny.

Gift ideas for people you hate

Check out this visual java drawing page.. pretty sweet.
Click here

I wondered what happened to Dave Chappelle:
Chappelle Theory


Rudolphs Revenge

I'm a sucker for online pool games. Here's one that as on earlier.
Pool Craziness!

Sweet game but made me dizzy -its 3-d first person
Elf Zapper

A bad ass stick figure game

That's all folks. Happy Wednesday.