Monday, February 06, 2006

The Queers!

My favorite band is coming to town! Sunday, February 12th @ The Underground in Toledo. Doors at 6pm!
I've managed to catch them almost every year they've come through town the past 7 years, so I've seen them around 6 times. If you've ever wondered what a Ramones concert was like, this is as close as your going to get. I'm really looking forward to it. Take a listen to some songs, and let me know if your going - I'll be there for sure! See here for more show info.

Punk Rock Girls - Love Love Love - Granola Head

Or go here for more Queers tunes: Lookout Records/Queers!

Check this thing out:
It's a beer bottle opener, which also is a magnet to catch your beer caps!

The newest podcast I've been listening to is called Phedippidations by a guy named Steve Runner. It's a podcast all about running, and the cool part about it is, he starts off each show recording as he begins his jog. It's pretty cool to listen to while ya run - kind of gives you motivation to keep running! Check out his website: or, subscribe to the podcast here: Phedippidations

Alright. Time for sleep. I don't even really like the NFL, and for some reason every year, I attend a Super Bowl party, eat a bunch of junk food, drink a buncha beer, stay out late and am really tired the next day. This year went exactly that way. Check out some pics of the party at my dads - and a few of the after party at MT Loonies.