Friday, August 19, 2005


So last night me and Aaron went down to Cigar Merchants in Toledo with my dad. They had a cigar show featuring CAO cigar company. The vice president was there talking about their cigars.
We walk in and the place was filled with thick cigar smoke. I like the smell of cigars, but this was almost too much. We made our way into the humidor, escorted by a CAO rep. He took us through all of the various 'flavors' of CAO. I went to a CAO show a few months ago, and met the same guy. He got me to try the Brazilia Gol!, i've been a big fan of them ever since.
We picked out our cigars and went out into the main area to talk with the VP. She seemed fairly young, I would guess in her early thirties. My dad asked her how she got started in the business.. he asked if she started at a young age and worked her way up to where she is now. She said she actually was without a job, and her dad (who owns the business), called her up and offered her a job. She said at the time, it was her dad and his partner running the show. They didn't even have sales people, which is what she came on board to do. She told us a little bit about the cigar factory's in Honduras. The cigars actually go through 20 different quality checkpoints. One of them tests the density of the cigar, to ensure a good quality draw. I never knew that much went into cigar making.
Afterwards, we went to MT Loonies in Temperance, and enjoyed a few $4.75 pitchers of ice cold Bud Light.. I'm feeling the effects of the beer this morning, wait.. maybe that's the veggie burger I ate for dinner.. :)