Monday, August 22, 2005

Old folks breaking the law and new podcasts.

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I finally got a chance to listen to the podcast Diggnation, which is a podcast of the website To sum this up quickly, these two guys have a website. They let people post news stories they find on the internet, and people comment on them. The stories are usually tech related or humorous (at least the stories I heard). The podcast is them discussing their top stories of the week. The latest episode, started off with one of my favorite bands rocking the intro; NOFX.

Take a break and listen to a song from their most recent full length album 'The War on Errorism. The song is called: The Irrationality of Rationality. This song pretty much sums up the whole Enron situation.

Back to Diggnation. The episode I jumped in on, the guys were in Toronto at a brewery. Churchkey Brewing Co. Drinking a Lift-Lock Lager and a Holy Smoke (little bitter, little bit of a bite, but good). They went through some stories, and gave a link to TPS reports from the movie Office Space. A great podcast worth checking out.

A few more podcasts I've subscribed to recently:
Ebert & Roeper: A weekly movie review podcast, updated every Friday.

Running Injury Free: A podcast on running techniques.

Uncensored Bodybuilding and Fitness Information: A great source of information for health and exercise.

Slate Magazine: A short story podcast from Andy Bowers, former voice from NPR. This show is just like the short stories you hear on NPR.

All of these podcasts can be downloaded for free in the podcast section of Apple iTunes music store