Monday, April 17, 2006


Today is the 110th Boston Marathon. If you know anyone running, you can go to the Boston Marathon website, and track their run. The guy that does the podcast I listen to called Phedippidations, Steve, is running in it, sounds like a lot of fun, but a lot of work! Good luck to Steve, and the other tens of thousands of people running this years marathon.

Cadbury Egg cake: Here's what happens when you make a cake with Cadbury eggs, rather then using real eggs. Silly man.

My man, Terry White is a blogger. Terry works for Adobe, and though he doesn't know that he's my main man, I've seen him speak at many Adobe and Macintosh events, and he's a super knowledgeable and swell guy.
Check out his link to the Urban Dictionary. Any slang word you can think of, throw in here and it will give you the definition for it. I even tried biatch!

Peter Potty! A urinal-style potty training invention. Very cool.

Manhole cover throw rugs. What'll they think of next...

Check out the latest in safe keeping your belongings. Dirty mens underwear safe.
Very clever, but really gross.