Saturday, April 08, 2006

Buddah, Kurt Kobain, shaving and other fun stuff

Today in history, Buddah was born, and Kurt Kobain was found dead. Just thought you'd like to know that.

How to shave: For the male readers - a complete guide with pictures on how to properly shave.. I wonder if it mentions using a sharp razor! I tend to use mine for months.. and after nicking myself a hundred times and losing pints of blood, I finally switch the fresh razor.. you'd think i'd learn.

Google SMS: This is probably one of the coolest, and least known google feature, that takes google beyond the computer and out into life. Simply send a text message to 46645 (googl) - in the message field you can type in just about anything - try, pizza 48161 - and you get all of Monroe's pizza places. I have also used it to find out the score of the Red Wings game - i just simply typed in Red Wings, and in a few seconds a text message kicked back to me with the score of the most recent game, and the next two games/times/dates. Very cool! Check out the page for more tips.

28 Day Slater
- Mario (Slater) from Saved by the Bell, every February he thinks he's AC Slater for 28 days! Damn this is funny.

I'm Hank Williams bitch. I like how stars think they can get away with anything.. check out how good ol' Hank got himself arrested.

Craigs LIst: Sex for rent!: Might as well just be forward about it! I wonder if this guy has got any responses...