Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dear Lean Pockets,

Last night I sat down to dinner after a long days work. I was hungry and looking forward to trying one of your products my girlfriend picked up at the local grocery store. Lean Pockets: Three Cheese & Chicken Quesadilla.
I briefly studied the external look of the Lean Pocket, and it looked and smelled pretty good. The box happen to be sitting up on the counter not far from the kitchen table, so I stared at it as I ate my pre-dinner salad.
Take a look at the photograph on the box. As I studied it, I imagined biting into the soft chicken and cheese. Look how full that Lean Pocket appears to be - almost makes your mouth water doesn't it?

When I finished my salad, I quickly picked up my Lean Pocket and took a big bite out of it. Boy was I surprised. As I withdrew the remainder of the Lean Pocket from my mouth, I chewed what tasted like pastry bread and a slight bit of cheese. I looked down at the Lean Pocket in my hand, and had to chuckle. There, I held in my hand, was a hollowed out pastry. The cheese and chicken had settled to the bottom, and in NO WAY did it appear as it does on the box. The taste wasn't bad, but the fact that the internals of this pastry were so limited had me wanting another one when I was finished.

I've included pictures to show you exactly what I am describing. Please click on the photograph to see the picture larger. In your defense, this very well could be a production line mistake, so I'm not giving up on Lean Pockets just yet. But, as an owner of a business myself, I appreciate when inefficient products are pointed out to me.

Thank you for taking the time to review my letter and hope it assists you in your strive toward excellency.

-Rob G.
Monroe, MI