Friday, June 09, 2006

yay weekend!

It's finally the weekend, so this is going to be a fast post. I've built up a few links I wanted to share.. so here goes:

Ah crap! The Toe Licking Bandit is back on the streets!

Married to the Sea
Great site full of some really hilarious cartoons - updated daily!

Yahoo SMS alerts! I'm just a big fan of SMS alerts.. Soon, i'll probably be getting 20 text messages an hour. I suppose if I'm paying Verizon for it, I might as well use the service. This has some good ones - you need to be a yahoo member though.

Be Creative!!Tips on how to keep creativity flowing in your life.

Itchy and Scratchy: Watch all of the episodes!

Make your own chat room - yeah, maybe if your really bored I guess. But, it's a neat little gadget.