Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Don't skimp on cooking spray

In a split second while roaming the dollar store, I made the decision that purchasing Chef's Own $1 Pan Coating spray would do the trick for grilling and other cooking needs.  
Well, let met just say, that this is one product you should avoid trying to save a buck or two on.  Chef's Own sprays out as a normal non-stick spray, but it layers your pan with a light white foam layer.  It looked somewhat normal as I made an omelette one morning.  The problem was (and I was using one of my fancy supposed non-stick pans), when I tried to extract the omelette from the pan, it was a huge no-go. I had to scrape the edges and shove something under it just to get it out of the pan.  
 Here's a nice product description.  Sounds promising!  But I can tell you from usage, it's horrible. I keep imagining I'm spraying water over the pan or grill grates, because that's about all it does is get the grill grates wet.  Everything always ends up sticking.