Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Buffalo Wild Wings - Family Night!

 We've been wanting to go to family night for over a month now. We've heard rumors of cartoons on the big screens, face paintings, balloons, and kid food specials.  Every Wednesday would arrive with discussion of hitting up the family night would come up.. and of course, every Wednesday, someone would be sick, or something crazy would come up where we couldn't make it.  Today though was different. The stars were aligned, no one was sick, and it was shaping up to be an awesome night out.  

I arrived home to two happy kids.  Madalyn announced "We go out Eat Daddy!" as soon as I walked through the door.  We rounded up the usual necessities for going out to eat (which included a kids potty seat stuffed in the diaper bag) and headed off to Buffalo Wild Wings.  

All went well for quite a while. Madalyn ate really well, both colored, watched tv, Jen and I caught up on some much needed conversation and I enjoyed some decent Michigan beer.  Jen and I both talked about how roasting hot it was in there.  It had to be 80.  I even joked about how "this kind of heat is going to make kids puke."......  

While Madalyn made her third trip to the bathroom, Christian and I chilled at the table.  He squirmed around on my lap for a bit, and as I talked to him I saw a funny look on his face.  I knew it the moment I saw it and the first thing I could do was put my hand out under his mouth.   Immediately he filled my hand with curdled milk, but I figured out really fast that he had way more where that came from.  I glanced at my potato wedge basket, and made the quick decision it wasn't worth sacrificing them, so I leaned him over the floor. What came next was like the Niagara Falls of curdled milk.  If I could draw comic book drawing descriptions right now, I'd draw a "Splash" ... "Chunks"... "Kazamm!" get the point. 

When he was done, he was fine.  I cleaned up my hand the best I could, and we sat there like nothing happened.  The waitress even walked by, and I didn't have the heart to tell her at that moment.  Jen walked up, sat down and noticed the explosion before I even had a chance to tell her.   Alls I got was a "oh my, what happened?!"...  the sight of that alone cleared her out.  She had those coats on the kids faster than I've ever seen her work.  I don't think she realized the most important thing... I still had a half of beer left!  

All worked out well, I stayed, paid the bill, finished my pint and gathered up the rest of our goods.  

Christian doesn't seem sick at the moment, and Madalyn has already stripped her barbie of clothes (which, to be honest, she hardly had any to begin with).  

We'll try and go back to one of those @BBwings kids nights, but, I'll probably wait a few weeks before I bring it up again. At least, until they rotate their wait staff......  I don't want to be known as the "puking family."..   ha.