Saturday, July 16, 2005


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This has been the week to see pals I haven't seen in ages. This is Dan and his G-Ride. It's a 1959 Impala. No seatbelts, cool break pedal, naked chick hubcaps, super low in the back and a HUGE trunk. We took a ride up and down Monroe St. cruising like gangsters. The car sounds great and rides nice and smooth.
The 'Steve's Tavern Cam!' isn't looking so great today, it looks pretty good at night. We all stood in front of it late last night waving.. did you see us?! I didn't think so. The sun really blows it out, it needs to be adjusted, but I don't feel like driving up to work right now.. maybe later on.
We went to Steve's last night, had a cigar, went up to Dino's so Aaron and Alice could eat dinner, then back to Steve's. Dan and Molly were there singing Karaoke. We went home fairly early - maybe around midnight-ish.
I got up early this morning and went to the driving range. I'm getting pretty decent at my swing - i'm not trying to clobber the ball anymore. It sprinkled a bit while I was there, and I could hear thunder off in the background. I spent about an hour there, it was so relaxing out there.
Picked up the keg for tonight, stuffed it in the beer fridge, cleaned the garage, went to the farmers market and bought some insanely hot banana then went to lunch at China Express.
For now, I'm going to finish watching the British Open. So far it looks like Tiger is doing pretty good as usual. More later...