Thursday, August 04, 2005

Sunflower and links

Well, for everyone that asked what that giant weed my neighbor was growing, here is the result! A giant sunflower. Pretty crazy just for one flower. I'm going to try and grow some of those next year.
Here's some links I've been saving up - oh yeah, and a recipe at the end. Enjoy!

Police speed traps
- Great website, very informative!

Mac Hints
- If your a macintosh geek like me, you'll dig this.

Boss Key!
For $15, you can buy an app from this company, which is just a script that shuts your programs down, or reboots your computer with the click of a button. Hmm. I think if you need this, you should really consider not having a job.

Stuff on my cat!
- Hilarious. This dude puts stuff on his cat and takes pictures of it.

Rob look-a-like?!
- Someone said this dude looks like me. The picture on the main page doesn't, but this one sort of does. odd.

Podcasting in the nets
- Wow.. I hope podcasting doesn't turn out as bad as they say.. interesting story.

Everything Digital
- Speaking of podcasts, I'm going to have to check this one out. Sounds like the tech-casts I've been listening to lately.

Tomato Grower!
- This site you can buy seeds for just about anything.. well, legal that is. WebDave said he got a bunch of hot pepper seeds from this place, they supposedly have a pepper that is hotter then a habanero!

And to top this off, I have a recipe for you all! A girl in customer service brought this in today, it's amazing!! And looks really easy to make.

Peanut butter frozen pie

1 - 8oz. cream cheese

2 - 8oz. cool whip (extra creamy)

3 - oreo pie shells

2 - cups powdered sugar

1 - cup milk

1/2 - cup peanut butter

Mix together, pour in pie crust, FREEZE! Makes 3 pies.