Thursday, November 17, 2005

Go Blue!

Well, I've officially decided not to tailgate. It really sounds like fun, but I really like my warm house. Speaking of, I'm getting a new furnace next week, so if anyone wants to loan me four grand, I'd really appreciate it. :) This week flew by.. I'm really glad its over. I freakin LOVE the weekends.. don't you?!

Wow - this sounds yummy!! Salmon Soda - or Pop as I'm supposed to call it. Ya know, the fizzy soft drink. Anyhow, that's just gross.. what'll they think of next.

I really shouldn't be laughing at this, because it is really awful. But - you decide whether to laugh or not. This story is about a series of hoax prank calls this guy would make to businesses, and make the people do things - for instance: One of them, he calls this McDonalds, and says that he's a cop, and one of the employees stole a customers purse. So, he has the manager take this girl in the back room and strip search her. Some of these are so silly, I couldn't believe they were real - if a caller is saying he's from corporate, and telling me to strip then spank an employee.. I'd probably think something was up.. wouldn't you?!

50 years in photos. Hey photographers.. if you haven't seen this yet, check it out. Very cool.

You may have heard this - but incase you haven't, a $100 Laptop is set to be released soon. If this is real.. i'm so getting one just to say I had one. I bet they're disposable.

Wow, average meal at this restaurant: $277!! Check out forbes list of the 25 most expensive restaurants in 2005 .

Billiards anyone?!

And finally, check out the Alibi Network. This company will provide you an alibi if you need one. I'm hoping this is fake. :)