Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Holy Shit!

This has been my longest stint yet of not blogging. This week has been totally crazy. I have been working early and late every night, and coming right home, changing, then going back out. Crazy I tell you.
Next week is Thanksgiving. I'm going to KCMO with Jen. I have never been there, and if I was to pick a place I could fly to, I never would have imagined Missouri. I have heard they have wonderful barbeque - so I'm looking forward to that. If anyone has been there, let me know - Jen and I might get to do some venturing while were there, so we'll need to hear about wher the good food is.
I have no links to give out tonight, because I haven't been reading my news reader lately.. Other then the above - kcmo. I went to that site, and it kind of sucks, but, the strategic thing they did was get themselves on a top 'kcmo' google search. Have you ever googled your name? That's fun to do. I'm freakin #91 when I do a google search on Gorczcya.
Now that I think about it, I'm going to start emailing Gorczyca's, and telling them I have the same last name, and see if I can't make some friends. I'll post the results.

I went to Buffalo Wild Wings tonight. I hate calling it that by the way, i sent Val a text message today reminding her of the get together, and I had to spell out the whole thing - because I was corrected the other night when i called it Bdubs.. someone said, what the hell is that?! Why do you call it that?? It's cuz I'm freakin OLD. Ok?! :) Anyhow, it was fun. Nick had this big scam, that he was going to cash out with one waitress, and get a new one - because she was much hotter then the current girl. I ratted him out to our waitress, and she was really pissed. He ended up doing it anyway, and made us all wave to him like he was leaving.. he never left, he just turned around, came back in and asked to have the waitress he wanted. I left and he was snugged up talking to her.

I should get some z's. I just finished a Negro Modella - wow it was really good. I had bells all night, and a couple miller lights (ugh).. so this beer was very good.. I brought a pale ale in from the garage.. I'm debating on it right now.. this game has been really good - and its 1-1 - I'd only be doing my duty as a Wings fan, to stay up and watch the rest of it.. right?!

Aaron wants to tailgate the UM vs. Ohio game in a2 this wknd. I want to, but nick just said its goint to rain, and be 40 degrees. I'd rather sit inside and enjoy the game with some pbr's and chili.. :)

Have a great thursday ya'll. I'll be blogging again soon!

Before I posted this, I got through to theMichigan Brewing Company. They have Superior Stout on tap. Which, lasts less then a month. it's AMAZING stout, and is like 8 or 9% brew. I think i've changed my mind about tailgaiting the UM game... I think I'm going on a small road trip!!