Saturday, November 12, 2005

Turkey P.D.F. (pre deep fried)

Today was a really mellow day. I didn't do too much, besides preparing the turkey, the stuffing, the taters and getting all of the equipment ready for the 3rd annual turkey fry. I also went and got the truck washed. I spent too many quarters washing the truck, and only had 2 left to vacuum out the entire truck - which is impossible. I figured I would try anyways. When i pulled up to the vacuum, I hopped out to put my fifty cents in, and sitting next to the vacuum on the cement, was a stack of quarters. WOo Hoo! The inside of the truck is spotless!!
I went to work for a while and put the movie together for our presentation to the employees this coming up week. Dana, our intern was there - and she locked her keys in her car. I called AAA, and hooked up a car unlocker dude.. he had it opened in less then 10 seconds, AND.. gave me a car freshener! That made my day. A free car freshener. I put it in the truck to top off the brand new spic and span smellin good bronco. :)
Now I'm home watching Calgaray Flames vs. Colorado Avalanche hockey. End of the 1st period, and its 4-0 Calgary. Kippersoft has an amazing helment airbrushed with skulls on each side.

Anyhow, check this out. It's supposed to be the best ever paper airplane. I haven't tried it, but I'm going to soon. If anyone makes this in the near future, let me know how good this flies. Build the BEST paper airplane in the world!

According to this article, 1 Grande Starbucks coffee, is equal to seven Red Bulls. Check this out

Are you a typing pro? Watch out, this game is addicting. Type the letters as they float across the screen. I ranked when I played it the first time, this time, i just bombed. Typing Game