Friday, November 11, 2005


You know what I like best about Fridays?? Monday is only two days away.
I stopped at Beeks after work and had a couple beers with Sick. I was drinking this Hefenwiezan beer.. it wasn't too bad. The closest to good beer I could get at Beeks (on tap that is). I wish we had a brewery in town. I jog by this empty building next to sav-a-lot every morning, and I imagine the inside all done up as a brew pub. Floors shiny wood, a darkness hovers through the building, candle lit with big stacks of brewing equipment sitting behind some glass. The smell of beer and peanuts as you walk in the door.. Holy cow, did I just describe heaven?! But that would be great. Brewery's are also a place to meet great people. There hasn't been too many times I've been to a brewery and didn't meet someone I really liked. Rambling aren't i?
After my beer with Sick and Aaron, I loaded up on some gas, bragged to the attendant that my car gets 40 MpG, and he replied 'you Da man'.. Then, I went to foodtown for some allery pills (I have dog allergy's.. go figure), then I stopped at Monroe Liquor, which they have some pretty decent beer there. They have Leopolds, Belles and a few other odd brands. The Belles was on sale for a whopping $9.99 a sixer. I chose the Pale Ale.
I got home and started grilling chicken. I hung out in the garage for a while and poured my Pale Ale. I was shocked to see floaties fizzing all around in my beer. I took a big gulp, and i could feel all these floaties in my mouth from this beer. Gross eh?! So i called T-Bone. T-Bone is a beer master - especially Bells. Sure enough, he said to deal with it, it's just hops and sediments from the brewing process. Bells apparently does a more of a raw brewing process - and of course it's more like a meal in a glass.
So. That's my evening. Jen and I chatted for a while, and I've been watching the wings (2-0 thus far).. 3rd bru - and I'm about to go grab another. It's only 9pm, and I'm already feeling sleepy.. we'll see how long I last tonight.. I don't think will be much longer.

I guess if your still reading after all of that, here are some links for you:
Video Here
A video of japanese woman with a pork chop on their heads and one hungry pissed off lizard. This is the exact description of this video.. what the hell?!

He's five and he sings death metal. No kidding. Check him out: Tylercore

Tomorrow: jog, turkey preperation, thawing turkeys, fetching better beer for the party, michigan football, going to work for a few hours, maybe dinner, church, work for those few hours because earlier i never made it, sleep. Sunday: Turkey Deep Fry Estravaganza!!