Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Welcome November!

My breakfast today consisted of a milky way I found in the grass as I was walking out to my car. The wrapper was wet, and after a brief examination before tossing in my mouth, it had been stepped on. But boy was it tasty!! It was like a gift from the heavens - Here Rob, here's a yummy treat to start off your day!

So, my blog looks different. And I owe it all to Dan. Like a week ago, i was messing with my links.. and I deleted my blogger friends. oops. I figured no one would notice.. oh but Dan did. He gave me hell for deleting his link. So yesterday, I tried to fix it. I ended up making some bad template changes. Me and html don't mix well. So, I had to load a new template. I kind of like the change.

Links for today:

As if you haven't had enough of Halloween, here you can carve pumpkins without the mess!

Check out this marriage advice video.. had me cracking up. I love that forget foo blog, I read it daily.

A website resembling good ol' Dos. Very fun.

I've been keeping an eye on this blog too - it's called Odd things you find in Japan. Interesting!

The picture above is the first picture under the google image search 'November'.

Jen and I are going to a wings game tonight. We're going to hit Nemo's Bar and Grill first, then head up to the game from there. I guess they have a shuttle to the game. Should be fun. Ok - time for work!