Friday, December 30, 2005

Day off posting

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Another day off, another list of fun links I've ran across in my hours of surfing. I'm sure you can find something in the list below to occupy your time - for those of you suffering at work today. :)
Oh yeah, the picture is of my nephew Collin. A pair of Jen's shoes kept him busy for a half hour!

I think we all need a little of this: How to be more productive

And if your really bored - be sure to watch the new years clock tick down.

Trade your cd's in for an ipod! I bet they're looking for mainstream albums. I might try this though - but if the cd's get lost in the mail, there goes all of them. hmm.

How's it feel to win the lottery?!
Check this video out. This blog has become one of my favorites. Check this link out, he mentions me!!

What a smart kid. This site contains a million pixels. He's selling each one for a dollar. According to the news, he's on his way to making that million..
Million Dollar Homepage

Roto Reuters funny things found in drains

Controversial album covers - wow go Jimi Hendrix - I never knew that cover existed!

Poster man! - very cool vintage posters here, that you can purchase!

Ratts for lunch! Seriously. Not for the weak stomach folks. I'd try one of these.. what the heck. I'm sure they fry them up tasty!

And while I'm on the food subject, just look at all of the good things about bananas. Just don't dry them out and smoke them. Trust me... no good.

Zen Animal Games - my favorite is the Worm Battleship.

Here's something else we could all use: memory improvement techniques - man, I almost forgot where the link to that site was! harhar.