Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The snot heard round the world!

< Photo was removed upon request (if you didn't see it, it was a close up of a kids face, with snot dripping out of his nose and down his mouth, it was really pretty awesome, as far as snot goes!) - read comments below - Also, if your interested, check out this chicks website, she does some bad ass quilting >

I have never blogged anyone elses picture before from flickr, but this photo made me laugh. Maybe because, well, I might have had the same thing happen to me - not a tantrum, but the snot. Of course, that was way back when i was a kid.. not like a month ago or anything.....
Speaking of snot though, I just got over being sick, and suddenly have come down with a sinus problem.. I have some antibiotics, so I'm taking those and sinus meds. Ugh! Will i ever get better?!

If you have a free few minutes, watch this comedian.
He cracked me up.

Sillly dog: Watch this dog get tricked. I don't know why but this had me laughing.. I think because it looks like Henry.

Water the plants: This is kind of mezmorizing... hey those aren't.. nah. haha.

Remember the guy that ran out on the field for the superbowl?! Here's his punishment: Superbowl Jail.

Game:Rooftop Skater - this is pretty fun, I played it for a long time, and didn't get too far..
GameCubefield - this game is awesome! it's pretty quick, and has you on the edge of your seat.. no swearing at it though, i got yelled at for that.

DailySnap: For my photo pals. Looks like a new pic everyday.. and you can RSS it!

HEY. Reminder - if anyone wants a Gmail account, let me know - I'll hook you up. Then you can have a Google IG page, and can create RSS's on your home page.. so you won't have to surf to my blog anymore to see if I updated it. It'll pop in an update each time I update... or any other site you subscribe to. I'm tellin ya'll, it's the way of the future!! :)