Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowel Party!

Check out my new hat! I took this picture last week, and forgot to post it. Val picked it up at a thrift store (thanks val!!). You can bet I'll be wearing this to the beer festival this year, and every other occasion. :)
You know what I find funny, all week long we've been catching advertisers that have been trying to slip the phrase 'Super Bowl' into their newspaper ads (trademark-legal issues). So, we come up with different phrases, like "Big Game" or "Super Football" for them to use instead... My favorite one that I suggested was "Super Bowel Party".. unfortunately they didn't suggest it. Anyhow, enjoy the game - here's some links for the pre-game surf.

In case you missed this amazing goal, the first portion of this clip shows Alexander Ovechkin falling and still shooting the puck into the net. Amazing!
Click Here

Music:  Lolipop Lust Kill was a band from Toledo that was on the brink of making it pretty big. They did some stadium tours with some really big bands, but for some reason, broke up too soon.  Anyhow, I knew a couple of the members. I ran across an mp3 on the net, thought I would share it.   Lollipop Lust Kill - Like a Disease

Courtney's ready to rock! Read about her kicking her "gnarly drug habit".. and getting back to the studio.

GameWW2 Sniper After I got the hang of this, I made it through all the boards - it gives you plenty of chances. You have to shoot the little black stick figure guys.

Government warning! - The newest scam to watch out for. - Make George say just about anything! You pick from a list of words, make up an entire sentence, then watch his speech. It's pretty funny.

Google candy store - and if your an employee, it's all FREE! - need a cover for your copied/pirated/downloaded cd? Look no further!