Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy day.

So happy St. Pat's day - today is a unique day for some Catholic dioceses participating in lentent, they actually get to break from the "no meat on friday" tradition, and can indulge in corned beef - just as long as they make it up another day during the week. I especially like to hang out with that Catholic crew during the summer, those church festivals are crazier then some college parties I've been to!

Anyhow, my yearly tradition since I've been capable of consuming alcohol was to go out and drink as much beer as I could for the St. Pat's occasion. But this year, my 'dioceses' is strongly suggesting a massive amount of water intake tonight, instead of booze.
On Saturday morning, I'll be running my first 10 mile run. Not for charity, or for a running event, just for the hell of it. I try and do one long run on the weekends, last weekend was 7 miles, this weekend, I'm going to up that by three. My weekly distance has been 30 miles, which I plan to increase as the weather gets warmer. I did get some cold weather and safety-reflective running gear, so it's made it easier to run at 5 a.m. when it's 19 degrees outside. So, have a beer for me, and as your sleeping in or kneeling over the toilet puking Saturday morning, hopefully I'll be on my way to finishing my first 10 mile run.
I am going to stick to tradition somewhat, and have a pint of Guiness for lunch today. A gang of us are going to McGeady's pub in Monroe for a yearly traditional St. Pat's day luncheon.

Exercise music for runners - This is like techno funky music. I wasn't too impressed with the first one I downloaded, but I'm going to give them a try, what else do I have to do on a 10 mile run!

I forgot all about this website. is the king of 'off the wall' news. Rss this sucka!

Game: Check this out just for the fact that it's absolutely amazing. I don't even think I can describe it. It's flash, and your some organism swimming around gobbling up ocean particles. Sounds weird, but its really cool. Click here.

Craigs List redesigned: I hope CraigsList takes them up on this! Very cool idea.

Reservoir Dogs poster created from the words in the entire script of the movie.

40 ouncers and power wheels (the battery powered kids cars) - This looks like a Jack Ass stunt to me. Very funny.

Hey Aaron, give these a shot: Great pick up lines to use on St. Patties Day - (After 8 beers of course!).

One last thing I almost forgot! If your a fan of the NBC show "The Office", you'll appreciate the blog.

Alright - off for a short 3 miler and to bake some banana bread.