Sunday, March 19, 2006


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I saw this car sitting in front of Borders downtown Ann Arbor last weekend. There was some know-it-all guy standing by it telling some couple he sees it all the time, and that it's battery powered. I didn't take a good look at it, but it only had three wheels. i imagine it's steared by the back wheel. Pretty sweet eh?

A new program in Oregon allows well behaved prisoners to purchase game consoles and small televisions for their cells. Check it out

Speech accent archive.
Ever wonder what different countries accents sound like, spoken by a male or female? Now you can search this database and listen to samples. Why? I don't know, I suppose I might ask why your reading this blog.. haha.

Whoa. The perfect bookshelf to hide your stash.

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Blabbermouth: Daily news about Metal bands. Very informative.

Slick Deals: A new deal each day - mostly on electronics, but this is the same site that brought you the free Starbucks last week.