Monday, March 06, 2006

Winning combination

Winning combination
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Jen and I ventured to Angola, Indiana this past weekend where we picked up some Sechler Pickles products, and a few bottles of Satek Winery wine. We also stopped to take a picture of that neato sign you see above.

I have yet to hear about a punk concert that included the UK band GBH, where some form of violence didn't occur. Crazy punk rockers.

Boy sticks gum on 1.5 million dollar painting at the Detroit Institute of Art. Man that sounds like an idiotic move I would have pulled back in the day.. check it out.

Don't really know what you'd use this for, but check it out - it's a text posting site, that gives you a quick url to your posting.

Get answers to ANYTHING! Random q&a's of odd but good to know facts to impress your friends with around the water cooler.

And finally, a compilations of some amazing skateboard thrills and mostly spills.