Wednesday, June 07, 2006

iPods and Beer

I don't know if I buy this. Apple surpasses beer on college campuses.
iPods didn't exist when I was in college, so beer was it. I have a few beer stories, but the first one that comes to mind is the time we went to the hardware store on a Tuesday afternoon with a 12 pack of beer in the back of the truck. We went inside and purchased all of the things needed to make a beer bong. The employees at the hardware store all kind of smirked at us as we held it up in the air, practicing our 'bong' techniques. A funnel, a thick (wide) tube and a clamp was all we needed.
We practically ran out to the truck to test out our new toy. Not giving it much thought, we climbed in the back of the truck and popped open a beer and started filling it up. Care free (or crazy), there we stood in a crowded parking lot bonging a couple beers - before we realized we should probably go somewhere else (behind the building).
Needless to say, that beer bong became a party staple.. remind me to tell you about the time we talked a guy into bonging three 40 ouncers out of it! Lets just say beer barf on a hot third floor dorm awaiting the Monday janitors all weekend isn't a pleasant smell.