Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sudoko Toilet paper.. & Mr. Goat!

I've been collecting some links to blog for a few days now. I've been crazy busy, so I haven't had much time to post, so here's a weeks worth in one post. Enjoy!!

Community cartoonists - sort of like my space for artists. Very cool stuff.
Amateur Illustrator

Cats that look like hitler. Need I explain more?! Check it out - hilarious.

Whoa, its like the drive ins in your back yard. Awesome, tho a thousand buck.

I had full intentions of sitting down to consider the thought of going to see Snakes on a Plane, but after reading the news story where some BUNGHOLES released some snakes onto the theater floor.. hell no, I'm not going to see this movie.

This ones for Jen - I could see her using this. A coffee machine for the car. I might be able to afford the coffee maker, but definitely not the car..

Toledo Symphony performs the music of Led Zepplin! I wonder how many doobs are going to be fired up at this concert..
Saturday October 14th, Stranahan.

And speaking of Toledo - if you find the Onion humorous, check out Toledo Tales. It's a blog, with funny made (or not) stories all based in Toledo. Cool idea guys. Now, you should consider selling 'name dropping' of local businesses, within the stories to supplement the site, or for some extra beer money.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Meet Mr. Goat! He's the latest addition to my sisters family (farm). I'm thinking a horse will be coming soon, or a cow.. that'd be sweet. I never did blog about Jen and I's trip to Nascar - check out the pictures to see what kind of fun we had, it was actually pretty cool - I never got so many free samples of chewing tobacco!!