Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bout time Bdubs

So I signed up for Buffalo Wild Wings email list a year ago. Since then, all they do is send me advertisements and surveys. Figuring they would give me something free for filling out the surveys, I did everyone that came to me. I waited for my free coupon.. and nothing came.

Yesterday, I received yet ANOTHER advertisement about their bbq ribs. As good as they look, I was a little upset that they still haven't thanked me for all the surveys I've filled out. So I fired off the following email:

Why don't you send coupons. I participate in every single survey you send me, and what do i get? nothing! I spend so much money every month with your company, you think you'd send out a coupon for 2 free chicken wings at least. Come on!!

Monroe, MI

Guess what shows up today? No joke: