Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Happy Thursday..!

Well, since I've been getting into the holiday spirit by listening to Christmas music everyday (sorry Jen), I figured I'd post this wonderful version of the classic holiday jingle "O Come all Ye Faithful". Wow.. i hope that's my internet that takes it a month to load.
I've had a busy week, so posting links hasn't been on the top of my agenda, but i managed to remember a few links. Check out this funny tattoo this dude got. What the heck was he thinking.
I haven't seen the movie yet, so I shouldn't be complaining about the guy too much, but I can tell you I'm mildly annoyed by this Borat character. I laughed when I saw he recently got his ass kicked on the streets of New York for playing his character to someone who didn't find him very funny. Ha. Funny guy. Take that.
Want to impress the family over the holidays? Try out one of these magic tricks posted on AskMen. They're supposed to be easy tricks.. we'll see.
Wow, a really sweet skeet shooting game. I can't get anywhere on level 2.
I posted a link about the Beer Belly a while back (I never did buy it - I'm still good at loading up a sixer in my baggy pants) - But here is the newest in sneaky beer drinking technology - the Sit N Sip. Come on now, this is getting a little crazy. This is more like a purse that holds 8 beers worth of liquid.
I saw this guys former band. I think they opened for Smashing Pumpkins way back in the day. Catherine Wheel. Anyhow, the dude (Rob Dickinson) made the entire video for "Oceans" filmed on a Nokia N93 cell phone. Crazy.
Alright. That's all for now.