Sunday, February 11, 2007

Valentine's Day for the tech-geek

I'm not a big Valentine's Day guy, but this year I decided I should act on it and buy my wife something. I have it a little rougher than you all. My wife is a tech-geek. Probably more so than myself. So shopping gets a little more complicated. The good thing is, she is also a big music fan, so I picked her up an iTunes gift card. She will just have to log into iTunes music store, enter the # on the back, and begin downloading her favorite songs/tv-shows/movies. I can guess though, that she'll be picking up the 2006 released My Chemical Romance album Black Parade (check out the recent popular radio-played-tune Famous Last Words). Way cooler than chocolates.

Along with the card/iTunes gift card, I thought I would go the extra mile, and include a poem in the card (chicks dig poems - this will score you major points).
A poem?! Yeah, I wouldn't normally suggest it, but check this out:
Love Poem Generator. Drop your girls name in the box and click a button. You can edit the poem to your liking and print it.

Thank me later. Happy Valentine's day.