Sunday, June 10, 2007

Crawfish Boil

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The crawfish boil was a success! We drove up to Marshall, it probably took us a little over a half hour to get there from our campsite in Angola, IN. Marshall is a really nice historic town. There was a wedding party gathered in the middle of the town circle taking pictures and clowning around. We made it to Dark Horse and had to park across the street - the place was jam packed (probably should consider going earlier next year). We went out to the beer garden area. There was a loud band rocking out. I grabbed a beer and we got in line for the crawfish. There was a bunch of people needed to keep a constant flow of this food going. One guy was back boiling up potatos, garlic, crawfish and corn. Another was slicing bread, a couple other were constantly shucking corn. The coolest part was watching the guy dump the big pile of the fresh boiled mix out onto the table. The line was long but moved really fast. We went up a couple times, Jen loaded her plate with crawfish and other goodies, but didn't eat the crawfish. My method for eating them was breaking off the tail and sucking the inside out - sometimes you'd get something, other times not - I told jen this was sucking the brains out. Next I'd crack the tail in half and usually the inside would slide right out. You should have seen my white shirt after I was done.. I'm sure my face was just as bad. We hung out and chatted to some nice guys from Howell, MI. One of them was smoking a big fat cigar and wow did it smell good. We went inside where I had a Sapient Triple Ale, and one of their raspberry beers. I ended up with a growler of Crooked Tree IPA and a Dark Horse t-shirt. Everyone at the place was really nice, the people that work for Dark Horse and the patrons. I overheard a guy that worked there talking about an event they are planning in August similar to the crawfish boil, only with chicken wings! Looking forward to going back there soon.