Saturday, July 28, 2007

MBC Summer Beer Fest - Friday

Wow. I'm always impressed with this event. I hadn't planned on going Friday night, but my buddy Alex came into town, and mid-day Friday we both decided we should go for it. We didn't get down there until 7 p.m. Had the Blue cab of a2 stand us up, and waited for a yellow cab, that responded in a matter of 3 minutes.
We walked into the fest and it was hoppin, but no lines. I was really impressed with that, Saturdays are usually a game of waiting in line and trying to make whatever beer you have last until you get up to the kegs.
I tried just about everything I wanted to last night. What I was impressed with was Shorts Brewing Rye PA. A good hearty rye bursting with hops. Ring of Fire from Dragonmead was another wild but impressive beer. I liked Corners "Dark Corner" better than Darkhorse's. In my opinion, Corner made theirs more like an Imperial Brown. Darkhorse's just made me think of hops and vinegar as i swigged it. The Grand Crew was AWESOME. Alex wasn't fond of New Hollands 2007 Moxie nor the 2004 Pilgrims Dole - both weren't my fav either. So many beers, so little time - the rest of the fest was pretty good - we hung out with the boys from Tri-City Brewing during the rainstorm.
Post fest activities: We found a ride from some awesome people from Monroe, Kevin and Sarah. They dropped us off in front of Ashleys. We bellied up at Ashleys and started slugging yummo beers. I ended up with Darkhorse Crooked Tree IPA. I chatted to several people, all of which I swindled their beer tasting tokens out of them. I'm literally looking at a pile of them right now. :) We went back to Alex's brothers apartment (not even a block from ashleys). I found out that hanging out of the kitchen window and chatting to people that walked by was awesome fun. I even traded an old guy two beers for two huge calzones. Fresh too - I went with him to buy them. You can't beat a deal like that. Anyhow.. I woke up at 5, and am kind of bored -probably going to head back to Monroe in a bit.. going to see if Alex wants to squeeze in a few mile run first.
Here's me hanging out a window at the corner of William and Maynard.