Monday, September 24, 2007

Finally brewed some beer!

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I finally brewed my beer. For my first batch ever, I brewed a basic Robust Porter kit, using malt extract (syrup). I went this route because it came with the kit I purchased from someone off of craigslist. I think everything went ok, there were some nervous moments, but no boil overs.. everything seemed to go ok. We'll see how it turns out, there is a glass carboy sitting in my closet right now. I kept having dreams about the carboy and the top bubbler device falling down into the beer, and panicing.. haha. It's like having a kid to watch over, this beers life is in my hands!

If this turns out, be prepared for a long legacy of good Gorczyca beer. If this doesn't turn out, still be prepared for the long legacy... I won't give up until all of my friends say "wow dude, that's good beer!".. :)