Saturday, January 24, 2009

Home at last!

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Well, Madalyn and Mama are home at last. They keep c-section patients longer since it's a surgery, so we we've pretty much been at the hospital since Tuesday night. Jen is doing good, besides being tired. She tried napping a bunch yesterday and kept getting interrupted by nurses and doctors. She's still in some pain, but the doc sent her home with pain pills. Her staples are out too, which she said didn't hurt a bit getting them out.
Madalyn is doing well, she lost some weight, which is normal. We get to visit the doctors toward the end of the week for a check-up.
When we got home, Jen gave her a quick tour of the house. It reminded me of Raising Arizona when they brought the kid they kidnapped home.. "And that there's the kitchen area where ma and pa chow down!"
I carried her up to her room and she opened her eyes just long enough to give the room a quick glance. I'm sure she didn't see anything, so the paneling walls that we discussed painting, but decided not to, were just fine with her. :p Right now, Madalyn's in her bassinet and Mama's taking a nap next to her in bed. I'm testing out the new baby monitor. I can hear Madalyn squeak every so often. :)
Hopefully she naps enough so she can enjoy her first ever Michigan vs. Michigan State t.v. college hockey game with her dad tonight. Her first of many!!