Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Clik: Turn your phone into a YouTube remote

The title says it all. With a download and a few taps of the thumb, you can be surfing YouTube via your laptop or web enabled television. Clik works like this: You download, you go to clikthis.com on your computer or TV browser. Open the app and a camera appears. Scan the QR code that comes up on the web screen browser, and instantly your phone becomes a YouTube remote. Search any video you want available on YouTube and it will play on your screen. On occasion, I'll hook up my laptop to the garage TV and my friends and I will take turns playing our favorite 80's metal songs. This actually saves us from jumping up each time, and we'll have the next song queued up and ready to play. You can also adjust the volume and save videos to your favorite list. Someone else at the party with an iPhone or Android? Have them download the app, and you have two remotes controlling the screen. Now that's a party!

Love it though, now I wish my living room television was web enabled!