Tuesday, July 09, 2013

40th Anniversary Pale Ale

A few years ago, I was on a brewing schedule where I'd brew 5-10 gallons every 2 weeks. I was constantly rotating taps, and having friends over to sample the beers regularly (obviously pre-kids days).  I've slowed down considerably, but haven't lost the touch.  Getting things organized was the toughest part, but after I started the process went as easy as ever.

I brewed this beer for my buddy +A J Ski's 40th bday bash.  I actually bumped it up to a 10 gallons, taking 5 with me to the party, and keeping 5 on tap at home.  I'm glad I did that, because it turned out pretty good.

Everything was spot on for a Pale Ale style,  except for the IBU's.  I went a little over on that, 52 IBU's, a Pale calls for a 30-45 range. So, I suppose it's not technically a Pale, but close enough.
The grains are kind of a mix of recipes I found online, and some things I had on hand.  I added the 120 more or less to give it a little bit of color.

40th Anniversary Pale Ale

US 2-Row Malt - 20lb 0oz
• US Caramel 40L Malt - 1lb 0oz
•  US White Wheat Malt - 1lb 0oz
•  German Caramel Pils - 10.00 oz
•  US Vienna Malt - 10.00 oz US Caramel
• 120L Malt - 6.00 oz

 • US Columbus(Tomahawk) - 1.50 oz - 60 Min From End
 • Citra - 1.00 oz - 15 Min From End
 • Citra - 2.00 oz - 5 Min From End
 • Citra - 2.00 oz - Dry-Hopped

• Wyeast 1056-American Ale