Saturday, November 02, 2013

One year #RunStreak - Day 365

Today marks one year of stepping outside every day to go for a run. 365 days of running!

While it sounds crazy, try searching (hashtag) #runstreak on Twitter.  You'll find runners that have over 1,000 days of running under their belt.

What is a run streak?  Basically, running every single day.  Everyone creates their own rules.  My rules were pretty simple.  Run every morning, 7 days a week, 30-40 miles.  Saturdays were reserved for long runs, 10 miles plus.

Most weeks, the day after my long run was my 3 mile short run.  Once or twice a month I did a 2 miler, mainly the day after a long run.

I run quite a bit, so this was kind of a natural transition.  I already ran 6 days a week most of the time, I just basically eliminated the rest day.

I planned on writing up stories of the 1,500 + miles I ran this past year, like the various elements I ran through, the time a city snow plow driver told me to go home as it was the biggest snow storm of the year (thank you sir, but I had 7 miles to run, besides, I was on the sidewalk), the time I fell flat on my back on snow covered ice, the time I fought off two dogs with a stick, the amazing scenery I saw, the roadkill I jumped over, the one time of the streak I was sick with a fever/sinus infection and ran 15 miles, etc.  But, having time to sit down to write these days is tough, so I'll keep this brief.

Sappy motivational speech:  People ask what has kept me motivated me to run every day.  I thought about it this week, and it's not really motivation, it's the elimination of excuses.  Once I decided nothing was going to keep me from running daily, I had no reason to not go out and run.  Weather, sickness, soreness, tiredness, etc., I set it all aside.

What's next?  I plan to keep the streak going.  500 would be a nice number to strive for next!